GHMC corporators have spent Rs. 2,000 per meal: Lok Satta

With a honorary pay of Rs 4,000 per month, the GHMC corporators were found to have spend Rs 2,000 per plate, on certain days.

It was also found by Loksatta Party that the corporators have spent Rs. 72 Lakhs on medical insurance and Rs. 1.86 crores on phone bills alone.

Speaking to media persons here, Lok Satta’s Greater Hyderabad General Secretary Devi Prasad and other leaders criticised the indiscriminate spending by the corporators. They suggested that the corporators should have been served subsidised meal of Rs 5/- in order to monitor and improve its quality. This approach would have saved Rs. 35 Lakhs to the GHMC exchequer.

It was also found by Loksatta party that the corporators have spent Rs. 3.66 crores on study tours to Shimla, Gangtok, Darjeeling and Kashmir. If it was really a study tour and corporators learnt anything from that, the road and solid waste management situation of Hyderabad should have been much better and current roads and sewage situation only proves that those study tours were only paid vacations.

With the project of Paperless offices, the corporators seems to have procured expensive laptops, but still claimed close to Rs. 1.75 lakhs for courier charges, having owned laptops and email services to communicate. Overall, with the development funds of Rs. 690 crores, all the corporators seems to have spent only Rs. 239 crores and remaining Rs. 450 crores funds lapsed. Rs. 1 crore has been spent on GHMC Mayor’s trip to the USA. (INN)