GHMC to conduct awareness meeting on building permissions

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner Dana Kishore said that the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation was planning to conduct an awareness meeting with the citizens who are applying for building permissions for the construction purposes to know their problems while getting the permissions.

It has been observed that lot of problems are being faced by the applicants and this has been noticed by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao himself. The Commissioner further stated that an exclusive Grievances Day is also being planned for sorting out the issues on the spot to know the problems being faced by the applicants in getting the permissions.

The Commissioner had detail discussions with all the citizens who have applied for the building permissions enquired and responded to the problems and given directions to the Town planning officials to inspect the site to report compliance to sort out the issue on priority. The Commissioner said that in the coming days the GHMC will be strictly implement the prescribed rules to follow to maintain proper planning if not stern action will be against the law breakers.

Dana Kishore further stated that the citizens must feel the responsibility to provide ample space for parking in their respective premises without causing any inconvenience to the road users and citizens. The Commissioner said that it has been observed that in the Hyderabad City Every day around 7000 Vehicles are being Registered which is 3 times high when compare to that of yester Years.

The Commissioner said that the GHMC is planning to provide Empanelled Architectural Engineers for the convenience of the citizens to get permissions in a very easy manner. The main purpose of the conducting this meeting is to gather the experiences of the applicants problems which are being faced so that the GHMC Town Planning Wing will be able to perform in a very effective manner in the near future to grant the Building Permissions in very Easy through the online etc.,
Dana Kishore thanked all the applicants who have applied for their participation in the meeting and sparing their valuable time for 2 to 3 hours and stated that their details have been taken in which the GHMC will select some of the applicants who are well versed with the subject and constitute a committee to resolve the problems in a more appropriate manner in the near future.