GHMC Commissioner diverts attention to bogus sanitary labour

The GHMC Commissioner Dr B Janardhan Reddy has concentrated on the irregularities taking place in sanitary section of the GHMC.

According to a note from the GHMC, the Commissioner initiated steps to put a check to the bogus laborers in the sanitation wing, who were taking salaries in those names. The Commissioner was collecting the Aadhaar numbers and introducing biometric attendance system and the salaries to be given through banks. About 22,000 labourers were working in sanitation and entomology sections in Greater Hyderabad limits and such number exists nowhere across the country.

It may be recalled that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao increased their salary up to Rs 12,500 and it was nowhere in any city across the nation. The government also depositing Rs 1701 at 13.6 percent to each employee under E-PF and Rs 593 would include at 4.75 percent to each employee and the total amount reaching to Rs.14,795. The problem with the employees was the number of the employees was more in records but less on field level. The allegations raised that several employees from single family were working with the GHMC and they were used to abstain from their duties. Taking it as an advantage, the supervisors concerned were taking the same amount in the name of absentees.

Keeping all these in view, the Commissioner clearly directed the officials concerned to collect the aadhaar numbers and bank account numbers from the 18,382 labourers and computerise them. He also directed the officials concerned to link the aadhaar numbers with biometric system to check the irregularities. The sanitary Jawans and SFAs would supervise these checkings every day. (NSS)