GHMC Commissioner Delivers Keynote Address at Festival of Innovations

Office of the President of India is organising Festival of India every year in coordination with the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), which is an autonomous body under Dept Of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.


The intention is to recognize, respect and reward outstanding contributions / innovations in various public services provided by the public and private sector. This year, the Festival of Innovations is being organised at New Delhi from 4th to 10th March 2017. As part of the “Festival of Innovations 2017”, a roundtable on “Innovation in Public Service Delivery” has been hosted and Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC has been invited to  delivery key note address.


Dr.  Janardhan Reddy participated in the Roundtable and given presentation about innovative concepts and several initiatives that he has made in his career as a Public Servant, including the initiatives in GHMC. He emphasised the importance of persuasive efforts that are becoming increasingly relevant in modern times. In this age of technological advancement and knowledge economy, the role of Public Servant received a great transformation and it is not just authoritative anymore. As such his / her success lies in their ability to ensure highest level of compliance not only from their subordinates, but also from the larger clientele. To achieve this, one must make use of the modern information tools, as well as to relay upon traditional and time tested techniques of persuasion, conciliation and convince them about the larger societal good that is sought to be achieved. The modern administrator must demonstrate objectivity and transparency, which will create an enabling environment and need not always depend upon mere technological aids.

Janardhan Reddy has showcased his initiatives in the fields of Human Resource Management, SHG strengthening, Waste segregation, Convergence of Departments, etc. at the Round table.(NSS)