GHMC chief appeals people to adopt dogs

GHMC Commissioner Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy on Tuesday held a meeting with NGOs, Animal Lovers, Veterinary and Medical wing officials on its innovative programme called ‘Maa Inti Nestham’ means adoption of stray dogs in the city.

The GHMC Commissioner said that the citizens have expressed and came forward on the appeal made by the GHMC for adoption of stray dogs. Around 50 animal lovers have adopted the stray dogs so far.

There are about 6 lakhs stray dogs in GHMC area out of which nearly one lakh dogs are being sterlised every year.  He said each dog, in its life span of about 12 years, conceives twice in a year and in each delivery it gives birth to 6 to 8 puppies. Therefore, a pair of dogs will produce around 4,000 dogs in their life span.

The Commissioner has appealed all the animal lovers and interested citizens to come forward and join hands with the GHMC for adoption of stray dogs. (INN)