GHMC asked citizens to help in segregating Garbage

The GHMC has appealed to people to help and get involve themself in segregating wet and dry garbage while dumping in garbage trolley.

The GHMC has provided two dust bins to each household one for dry and one for wet around 44 lakhs dust bins have been distributed to the 20 lakhs households in the GHMC limits. The main responsibility of segregation lies on the households and it is their duty to segregate and handover it to the auto trolley drivers.

The GHMC has deployed 2000 plus auto trolleys vehicles to collect the garbage waste from the households duly providing services to the unemployed youth as their livelihood to take up the garbage waste from the households. Each auto trolley driver collect garbage waste from around 500 households with the help of two attenders for its onward transportation to the transfer stations.

As per the survey every house hold generates about a kilograms of garbage waste everyday and it is the moral responsibility of the households to segregate the waste and should handover to the auto driver, but now the auto drivers with the help of attenders are segregating the waste after collecting from the households and the burden is being faced by auto drivers for paying salaries to the helpers and the process is also being delayed and the auto drivers are unable to collect the waste from 500 households for the above said reasons causing lot of garbage accumulated in the some of the places.

The households are paying around Rs. 50/- per month to the auto drivers as per the norms. The GHMC is also conducting various awareness campaigns about segregation through students, SHG Women, (Swachh Dhooth Women) by sending them to visit each household for the purpose. Similarly awareness campaigns are also being conducted for preparation of compost manure at the households.

The GHMC is also given directions to the Hotels, Restaurants, and Function Halls to take up compost manure process at their respective sites and made compulsory to arrange compost units by 15th August. The auto trolleys have also been provided with Public Address system to create awareness to the citizens above segregation while collecting garbage waste from the households.(NSS)