Ghaziabad district magistrate orders unrecognised schools to be shut

Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad District Magistrate has ordered all unrecognised schools in the district to be closed.

Around 10,000 students studying in the Ghaziabad district will now be enrolled in recognised government schools by June this year.

The district magistrate said that at least 5,000 students have been enrolled in council seasons.
The measure has been taken to prevent the students’ session being wasted.

The Primary Education Department has issued a number of unrecognised schools running in the district. The Ghaziabad district administration has appealed to the parents to check the list before enrolling their child in any school.

As per media reports, the district magistrate had earlier issued a notice to close 209 unrecognized schools in the district. At least 231 non-recognized schools were identified in the 2017-18 session. Of these 44 schools were closed in 2017.

Despite this, most unrecognised schools were running undetected and was playing with the careers of the children. In regards to this, the Ghaziabad District Administration has imposed a fine of Rs. 1 lakh for the same. (ANI)