Get a taste of Mughal era with Mughalnama

New Delhi [India]: Mughalnama, a bespoke catering concepts inspired from royal cuisines of kings and queens launched in the city with the performance of best from the world of Qawwali Nizami Brothers’ and scrumptious Mughlai food.

Mohd. Khalid, Managing Director & Promoter Mughalnama played the perfect host at the do held at DLF Chattarpur Farms.

‘Mughalnama’ is a unique bespoke catering concept inspired from Royal Cuisines of Kings and Queens. It serves authentic food for all occasions, ceremonies and events.

Their menu and presentation takes the guests back to Mughal era. With a team of proficient chefs, who not only come from the background of Mughal teachings, but also master the art of tantalizing the taste buds of the patrons with pure Mughlai cuisine.

Mughalnama catering seeks to evoke a tradition where an event should not only be a gathering of people, but also a celebration of food. They are enthusiastic about catering to all kinds of gathering and plan to take their guests to an extreme level of satisfaction and happiness.

Md. Khalid, Managing Director and Promoter, Mughalnama, said “I have seen my family enjoying versatile flavours of super rich Mughlai food since my childhood. The kind of expressions and satisfaction I notice when people consume Mughlai food is unbelievable. The quality of Food, flavours, tastes, preparations etc. have always made me feel the essence of this food. Henceforth, I sticked to my long term plan of starting an authentic Mughlai cuisines catering service. I see this industry growing and I am happy to be an unparalleled part of it”.

From the strong Mughal Empire and exclusive tastes of Akbar and Babur, Mughalnama has replicated those lost and found recipes to make themselves stand unparalleled. ( ANI)