Get rid of fashion while going to college: Karnataka Guv to girls

Mysuru: In remarks that could stoke a controversy, Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala has advised girl students to get rid of fashion while going to colleges, saying they are not taking part in any beauty competition and there is no need of doing eyebrows or wearing lipsticks. “You come to college for studying, not to take part in any beauty competition.

There is no need to get your eyebrow done to come to college, there is no need to do your hair (style)…..,” he said. His remarks came on the concluding day of the five-day Indian Science Congress here yesterday as he laced his speech with humour which sent the audience into peals of laughter.

“There is intelligence in both gents and ladies, but the seriousness that is there in ladies is not seen among gents,” Vala said, emphasising girls were more serious in studies than boys. Highlighting the importance of seriousness that one should have in whatever he or she is doing, he said “… To achieve something in life you will have to lose something.” “… I advise male students here that that they have to get rid of (wrong) habits.

For ladies I advise that they have to get rid of fashion.” In more lighter comments, Vala also said the present generation scored very high marks with 90 to 95 being a norm but “when we were studying, such high marks would be total of three years”.