Get your power dressing right Ladies!

New Delhi: Power dressing is an art which has been adopted by women over the years as it exudes confidence and individuality. The 1980s has given some cool trends like shoulder pads and suits but for 2017, it has been reinvented with contemporary silhouettes mixed across a choice of styles ranging from right colours to accessories.

Belinda Earl, Style Director for Marks & Spencer, and Raashi Zaveri, Director for TBZ – The Original, have listed down the top picks for power dressing for females.

* Suits now come in all colours with colour blocking a key trend for 2017 so there is the option of head-to-toe red or magenta for a bold statement or ink blue for something chic but discreet.

* Comfort is also key within power dressing too, for example the white shirt is functional, crisp and clean and has become an iconic power piece in the boardroom, office and beyond. Add a feminine twist to this with buttons or print detailing for a contemporary look. Add a midi skirt for a flattering feminine silhouette that is simple but uncompromising. Then add some killer heels to lengthen the legs and you’re ready to go.

* It is important to complement your workwear ensemble with the right kind of accessories. Jewellery not only adds a touch of sophistication but also elevates your professional look.

* Power dressing calls for jewellery which is comfortable yet minimalistic. Simple charm bracelets, gold studs or massive accessories like layered necklaces, cuff bracelets or statement rings are appropriate for a 9-5 look.

Diamonds and pearls are ideal for workwear jewellery, they add elegance and grace to a formal look. For instance, one can also pair an emerald necklace with a solid colour shirt to break the monotony of a formal look.