Gesture towards Shoaib Malik cost dear to Shikhar Dhawan

New Delhi: Cricket ties with India and Pakistan are not less strained than political relations between the two countries. But a different scene is being witnessed on twitter where Indian star batsman Shikhar Dhawan enquired the well-being of Pakistani all-rounder and Sania Mirza’s husband Shoaib Malik.

But the gesture didn’t please the fans of Indian cricket and they criticised him strongly. Shikhar Dhawan tweeted @realshoaibmalik, hope you’re recovering well and will be fit soon to be back on the field! Take care,”

But it didn’t go well with some users. Some went on to say that Pakistani army is attacking our jawans on the border, he never enquired about them.

While the gesture drew flak from Indian cricket fans, Dhawan’s get-well-soon tweet drew praise from fans of Malik and Pakistan. Shoaib Malik also thanked Dhawan.

Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik was hit on the head during his team’s fourth ODI against New Zealand in Hamilton.