GES 2017: Coincidentally or deliberately, Muslim entrepreneurs broadly ignored

Hyderabad: Muslim entrepreneurs do not find place in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be held in Hyderabad from November 28-30, 2017.

The entire list of speakers uploaded on GES website has only one Muslim woman, Roya Mahboob, from Afghanistan. The only Muslim name from India is that of Tennis Star, Sania Mirza, whose name is listed in the ‘Breakout’ and ‘Master Class’ sessions.

Ascertaining the reason for low participation of Muslim entrepreneurs in the summit, Dr Shariq Nisar, an expert in development of financial products and services and Islamic Banking, said, “The level of entrepreneurship in Muslim community is low. For a community, majority of which is facing insecurity over employment and literacy, entrepreneurship does not come easily.

Dr Nisar also said, “Having a separate SEZ for Muslims is ghettoisation. Why cannot Muslims be given space in the existing system?”

The entrepreneurship culture which requires system of incubators and start-ups, its benefits are mostly accrued by privileged people. This phenomenon of exclusion from entrepreneurship is also visible among Hindus, especially Scheduled castes.

“There is a need for Muslim community to wake up and utilise available opportunities. If a person has a really good technology, develops a good product, it will be recognized” says Faisal Farooqui, Founder and CEO of

Muslim community is facing certain specific problems of poverty, illiteracy, and high drop-out rates. There is also no role model to emulate. Muslim community tries to find perfection in role model, but it has to be remembered that ‘No one is perfect.’