Germany: Child unearthed World War II bomb from woods, brought it to class

Darmstadt: A child in Germany on Wednesday unearthed a bomb used in World War II and brought it to the class. The youngster “found an incendiary bomb on a walk in the woods and carried it into the kindergarten,” a police spokeswoman in the western city of Darmstadt said.

“After the strange object was spotted on a shelf, the teachers immediately notified police and took the children to a playground off site,” she added.

The bomb was retrieved by the experts from the scene, later the children were allowed to return to the kindergarten. The experts also looked the forest further and gave it a clean chit. According to the police warning, any suspicious World War II explosive should be reported to the authorities, if found in any forest or garden, reports HT.

Unexploded bombs are regularly found buried on German land even after 70 years of World War II.
The biggest such evacuation took place last Christmas when an unexploded British bomb forced 54,000 people out of their homes in the southern city of Augsburg.

ON the other hand, in May, 50,000 people were ordered to evacuate in Hanover, northern Germany, for a major bomb defusing operation.