Germany Chancellor Merkel pledges $100 million loan for Jordan

Berlin: Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany has announced a $100 million loan will be given to the Kingdom of Jordan in order to help the kingdom implement reforms required by the International Monetary Fund(IMF).

Addressing the joint press conference along King Abdullah II, Merkel said: “We know that this is a difficult period in which the fruits of the reforms will come later,” Middle East monitor reported.

Merkel told reporters during a joint press conference with King Abdullah II following their meeting in Amman.

Jordan had recently witnessed a week-long strike and protest against the new income tax bill and the rising cost of living in the kingdom followed by the resignation of PM Hani Mulki.

The German Chancellor Merkel held talks with King Abdullah II and later headed for neighbouring country Lebanon.

Meanwhile, King Abdullah told reporters that Germany and European countries will play a major role in advancing peace efforts based on the two-state solution.