George, Amal Clooney celebrate first anniversary

New York: Actor George Clooney and wife Amal attended the New York Film Festival’s 15th anniversary screening of the actor’s movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” in belated celebration of their first wedding anniversary.

The celebrity couple completed a year of marriage on Sunday.

“We sure are having fun. We had a beautiful anniversary, and we’re having fun,” Clooney, 54, told of his first wedding anniversary at the screening on Tuesday.

As for what the star has learned in his first year of newly-wed bliss, he said: “That’s a good question, but I can’t officially tell you any of those things because that would be wrong, and she would be upset that I told anyone what I’ve learned.”

Amal, 38, is a distinguished human rights activist and lawyer.

After Clooney made his way down the red carpet, he joined Amal in a lounge where they “held hands and (were) arm in arm”, and then were “super casual” talking to up-and-coming filmmakers at a Film Society of Lincoln Center reception held in the same space, an onlooker said.

They then made their way to another theatre to enjoy the film with the rest of the audience — even so, Clooney feigned nerves going into the screening.

“I mean, drinking is gonna be my secret… going in there to watching myself 15 years ago. On a big screen? Holy s***! That’s pretty rough,” he said.

George and Amal exchanged wedding vows in Venice, Italy, last year in front of a star-studded assortment of friends including celebrities Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, Bono and Emily Blunt.