General public perturbed due to decriminalization of adultery

New Delhi: Supreme Court of India has struck down the section 497 of Indian Penal Code paving way for adultery, creating disquiet among the general public. According to the Inquilab, many ladies and gentlemen have expressed surprise and worries over the decision.

Haji Ikram Hasan chairman All India Muslim Ekta Committee said our country has a unique identity among the world countries due to its culture and moral values. But the recent Supreme Court judgment has disappointed crores of Indians, as permission for adultery has never been part of this country’s culture.

Nisha Saifi said I can’t understand the point of view behind giving such a judgment but I feel the future of the country is in the dark due to the judgment. Children will get deviated; when parents will stop them, they would say your decision is not above that of Supreme Court. It will increase the divorce rate. Many houses will be destroyed, she said.

Veteran poetess Rashida Baqi Haya said the judgment has upset her a lot. Because we live in a country where modesty has been the attire of women. The judgment may not have made happy to the followers of any religion because no one wants to promote shamelessness in their houses.

BSP leader Haji Afzal said the Supreme Court ruling has hurt the section of the population which believes in the sanctity of marital relations. The government should consider the issue and discuss it in the House.