General Elections 2019: Will MIM contest 25 TS Assembly seats?

Hyderabad: Will MIM contest 25 TS Assembly seats in the next General Elections as it did in Bihar, UP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu earlier?
It may be mentioned that MIM participated in Assembly elections in Maharashtra and it had given tickets to 24 candidates out of which only 2 were successful and 14 lost their deposits. In the same manner in Bihar, MIM had floated 6 candidates, none of them was successful and 5 lost their deposits. In UP, it had contested 38 Assembly seats but could not get even one. In Tamil Nadu, two candidates were floated but none could get a seat.
When MIM gave tickets to new entrants in various states, it is not understandable why the old and loyal party workers in the city are being denied tickets.
The leaders of the party have a feeling that the party has a base in the city for the past 50 years, why can’t it float more candidates in various Assembly constituencies and make an effort to win the seats.
When party leaders can make use of helicopters while campaigning in UP election, why can’t they participate in various constituencies of A.P. and Telangana States?
It may be mentioned that in General Election of 2014 in AP and Telangana, MIM had floated 35 candidates out of which 25 lost their deposits and only 7 could get elected in Hyderabad.
In the next General Elections, the local leaders of MIM want that a large number of candidates should be floated in TS and the massive campaign should be launched to ensure their success. The top leadership of MIM is in a state of confusion as to how to control these leaders. MIM leaders opined that if a large number of candidates are given tickets in the home state where the headquarters of the party is located, it would be become imperative to launch a massive election campaign. If tried seriously to campaign in 25-35 Assembly seats, MIM may lose the support of the ruling party. In such a situation, the ruling party might turn towards the old city.
Besides the voters, political analysts believe that if MIM does not float a large number of its candidates in the next assembly elections, it might lose the public support in its headquarters itself. People would believe that a large number of candidates were floated in other states with specific purposes.
–Siasat News