General Elections 2019: Three MIM, 40 TRS MLAs may not get reelected

Hyderabad: Is MIM losing ground? Will it be difficult for MIM to save the present seats? Will it forge a coalition with TRS? These are the questions which are currently the topics of discussions after the survey conducted by ruling party. This survey made surprising revelations.

The survey indicated that TRS and MIM have fewer chances of winning in the Old City in the next elections. This report startled both TRS and MIM.

It may be mentioned that Mr. KCR arranged more than 3 surveys through various agencies during his tenure in the past three years.

Soon after receiving the survey report, CM discussed it with his close confidants.

Out of 80 TRS MLAs, 50% have become unpopular among the public. TRS party may give 6-months’ time to improve their performance.

Three out of 7 MIM MLAs are shown as unpopular. It is reported that MIM leadership may not give tickets to such MLAs or it might change their constituencies. MIM was hopeful of getting more seats reserved for it in the next elections but the present survey opened its eyes. It seems that it has become very difficult for the party to save the present seats.

It may be mentioned that developmental activities in the Old City were neglected during the past three years and hence people are annoyed with the present leaders.

In 2014 elections, there were two Assembly constituencies in which it was difficult for MIM to win the seats but it was successful by deploying its traditional election strategies.

The wrath of the public could be gauged with the declining rate of votes polled. It is likely that at least in 3 Assembly Constituencies, MIM has to change its old faces. Such of the MLAs who have been winning elections for the past 3 terms are worried.

Rumors are making rounds that whether all the seven MLAs of MIM will get tickets for 2019 elections or new faces would be introduced?


–Siasat News