Gender solidarity is positive: Sharmila Tagore

Mumbai: Creating gender solidarity is a step towards a better tomorrow, believes veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, who says she faced brickbats and bouquets for some of her choices which are now celebrated as game changers.

Sharmila has spoken out in support of how the third edition of the Lux Golden Rose Awards, to be held later this year, has extended its stage to the global movement for gender equality, UN’s HeForShe.

She said in a statement: “As a female actor in Bollywood back in the day, owing to some choices I made I was often perceived by some as a social suspect and by some as a woman ahead of her times. Both brickbats and bouquets by different sections came my way, however I stood my ground. Today my decisions have been vindicated both by my industry colleagues and viewers.

“Ironically, those choices are even celebrated as game changers. True, it is empowering to make one’s own choices and continue to do what one believes in but it is even more joyful when we receive encouragement to do so rather than being questioned, put down or dissuaded. Creating gender solidarity is a positive concept and I congratulate Lux for their support to this significant movement of ‘HeForShe’.

The gala will pledge solidarity of male members of the film fraternity with their female counterparts and celebrate their presence and contribution.

Sharmila’s daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan, a successful actress herself, said: “According to the norms, the man is the bread earner. But if you see today, women are at the forefront too.”

Actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene welcomed the initiative “which makes us stronger together as an industry and as professionals”.

“We need to recognise that the magic of performances comes when both genders equally contribute with their unique sensibilities. It is unfair when credit or dues are denied on basis of gender,” she said.

Launched by the UN in 2014, HeForShe, a global initiative, is an invitation for men not to be bystanders and onlookers but involve themselves as active supporters who work along ?with women to create a better and stronger society.