Geeta refuses to recognise UP couple

Geeta refuses to recognise UP couple

Geeta, the deaf-mute girl who was stranded in for 15 years, did not recognise a couple from who had claimed that she could be their lost daughter, an official said today.

“Mohammad Issa, from UP, had submitted an application that Geeta resembles his daughter, Rubaida, who went missing 14 years ago. At that time she was 9-years-old,” Indore Collector P Narhari told PTI.

But when Geeta Issa and his wife here, she didn’t recognise them, he said.

Many people have come forward claiming that Geeta was their long-lost daughter or relative but no one could establish the claim.

Geeta was reportedly 7-8 years old when she was found sitting alone on the at Lahore railway station by the Pakistan Rangers 15 years ago.

She was adopted by the Edhi Foundation’s Bilquis Edhi and lived with her in Karachi.

Geeta returned to on October 26, and presently she is residing at an institute run by an NGO where she will remain till her family is found.