Geeta happy with our efforts: Swaraj

New Delhi: Deaf and mute girl Geeta, who accidentally crossed over to Pakistan as a child and returned to India on October 26, is delighted with the efforts made by the Indian Government to locate her parents.

“I met #Geeta in Indore yesterday. She is very happy. She appreciates our earnest efforts to find her family,” tweeted External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Geeta is now staying at a Madhya Pradesh institution for those suffering from hearing and speech impairment. She will continue to remain in this institution until the government traces her original family.

Geeta was found by the Pakistani Rangers in Samjhauta Express train at Lahore station when she was about eight-year-old.

She stayed with Karachi-based Edhi Foundation for over a decade before her return was secured by the Indian officials.

Earlier, Geeta did not recognise a couple from Uttar Pradesh who had claimed that she was their long-lost daughter.

She had also failed to recognise the people, who claimed that they were her parents or family members.

The fresh search began with a photograph which resembles Geeta’s supposed teenage appearance. The photograph was taken under personal instruction from Swaraj. (ANI)