Gay sperm donor fathers 10th child in 13 months

London: A British gay sperm donor has fathered ten children in 13 months with the most recent tiny tot born to a lesbian couple, media reported.

Kenzie Kilpatrick of Birmingham donated his sperm free of charge to a lesbian couple he met through Facebook so they could have a baby.

The 26-year-old said he began donating sperm, mostly to stranger lesbian couples, because he wanted to help others. He said he was inspired to help women have children because of his own upbringing, Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

He does not think a man is a necessary ingredient in a happy family. His father walked out when he was five, leaving his mother to bring him up on her own.

“My mum taught me to shave. My mum taught me to drink a beer. She’s my rock. With the lesbian couples I couldn’t think of anything better than having two mums. My mum has been fab. Women just do a better job — they’ve got it in their blood,” Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick met Charlene Allen and Gemma Berry, one of 10 different couples he has helped have a baby.

He claims to have been contacted by more than a hundred hopeful mothers from as far as Colombia, Mexico and Poland. But after fathering ten babies, Kilpatrick has decided to stop.