Gavaskar to be “Stroke Ambassador for India”

Indian cricket legendary Sunil Manohar Gavaskar will be the “Stroke Ambassador for the country”, according to an announcement made at the inaugural function of “10th World Stroke Congress (WSC)” at HICC here on Wednesday night. Indian Stroke Association, which was hosting the “World Stroke Congress” along with “World Stroke Organization”made this announcement.

World Stroke Organization (WSO) is the WHO-affiliated NGO dedicated to the global fight against stroke. WSC is the first-ever congress held in the country. The announcement made in the presence of Minister for Health Dr C. Laxma Reddy.

In his video message played at the gathering of world-renowned stroke specialists, the Little Master Gavaskar said “in my cricketing career spanning for many years I was looking for strokes to score more runs. But, as I grow up and get old, there is one stroke I am afraid of, and it may disable me or finish my innings. That is the brain stroke”. I am happy to be “The Stroke Ambassador for India” to create awareness that strokes are treatable. The announcement comes few days ahead of World Stroke Day which is observed every year on October 29. Stroke is a leading cause of disability and death worldwide. Stroke affects young people in India during their productive period of life. Let us conquer stroke, Gavaskar said in that video message. (NSS)