Gaushala in Ayodhya runs short of cattle feed, cows left in misery

AYDOHYA: There are approximately 300 stray cows in the cow shed of Ayodhya which sprawls over a huge piece of land. The government has provided shelter for the stray cows but there is no arrangement of fodder for these animals.

The cows are sick and dying because of lack of food. Many animals are dying due to the lack of appropriate treatment.

These sick animals are abandoned by their owners. Establishing a cow shed Gaushala was a good step to reinstate the situation of these cattle but lack of fodder is killing these animals. Ayodhya Nagar Nigam filled a pond with water tanker but the soil absorbs it and it is of no use.

These unsettled animals are a trouble for locals and farmers.

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They enter the field and ruin the crop. A local shares his torment, “These animals are left here. There is no arrangement of fodder or water. Some animals die. They fall into the pit and cannot come out. If all of this is arranged there should not be any problem. But they are left outside and they ruin my crop.”