Gauri’s voice hasn’t been silenced, it has become louder: Prakash Raj

Actor Prakash Raj a long-time friend of Gauri Lankesh claimed: “Gauri’s voice hasn’t been silenced, it has become louder.” He told this while speaking at an event in Bengaluru to mark slain journalist Gauri Lankesh’s 56th birth anniversary on Monday.

Kanhaiya Kumar, Jignesh Mevani, Shehla Rashid, Umar Khalid, Racha Singh former president of Students Union Allahabad University, Irom Sharmila and other youth were present on the occasion.

Celebrating the birth anniversary of Gauri Lankesh as ‘Gauri Day’ they vowed to strive for protection of the constitution.

Elaborating his statement Prakash said “Gauri is inside all of us. History has told us that when those who speak for society, and against injustice die, their voice isn’t silenced. It sprouts new voices like trees.”

The actor further claimed that the death of Rohith Vemula, or the assault of Dalits by upper caste cow vigilantes in Gujarat, Gauri’s killing has created new voices to fight the forces that killed her.

Few deaths are like that, it doesn’t kill but creates. (Rohith) Vemula’s death created Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid. The death of Dalits created a Jignesh Mevani. When Gauri is silenced, I and many like me are created. When it is a normal death we can pay tribute but when it is a death like Gauri’s, it has created voices to fight against forces that killed her, he added.