Gauri Lankesh case: CCTV images sent to US lab for enhanced visuals

New Delhi: The CCTV footage of Gauri Lankesh’s cold-blooded murder has been sent to a digital laboratory in the United States for enhancement of visuals in an effort to identify the murderers.

The special investigation team (SIT) of Karnataka Police investigating Gauri Lankesh’s murder had sent a series of images of the shooting, captured on a CCTV camera at the journalist’s home. This footage has become a central part of the investigations.

The 55-year-old journalist was shot dead in the front yard of her Bengaluru home at 8 pm on September 5. A series of images from the CCTV footage, captured by two cameras in the driveway and one on the porch of her home, include front images of the killer wearing a helmet, reports The Indian Express.

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The images have been sent to a laboratory in the US for enhancement and the results are expected in a couple of days, according to police officials involved with the probe.

The SIT is attempting to identify images of the killer in an effort to find a match among a list of missing suspects involved in similar crimes in the country. A key focus of the CCTV footage-based investigations is also to identify the motorcycle used by the killers.

The visuals for a fortnight were viewed in real time to ensure that no activity that occurred in front of the house was missed.

Investigators are hoping to narrow down the search for suspects from the CCTV information with respect to facial identities of the attackers, and the vehicle they used.