Gareth Bale backs Virat Kohli’s start-up venture Sport Convo

New Delhi :Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale today announced his support for Indian Test captain Virat Kohli’s social networking start-up venture ‘Sport Convo’.

‘Sport Convo’ is a London based tech start-up that became Virat Kohli’s second business venture after his backing of FC Goa in the Indian Super League.

It is a place where sport fans can connect and interact about their favorite sports and current news topics.

Kohli took to twitter and in a rather innovative manner announced about Welsh international and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid colleague Bale’s support.

“I’ve just had an interesting convo” attaching a heart sign. The person in question said,”Namaste it’s a pleasure to be backing Sport Convo. Looking forward to having a convo with you all soon”.

Then he announced Bale’s name and the heart sign was a hint at the Real winger’s post goal celebration.

Bale, in his message, claimed that he has been a fan of the Indian Test captain and cricket.

“Quite an interesting story really, I have been a fan of cricket for ages and started following Virat Kohli, we got talking over social and he mentioned this idea called “Sport Convo” that he was starting, he sent me more detail on it and I instantly really liked it,” Bale said.

For Kohli, Sport Convo provides him with an opportunity to intercat with his fans.

“Sport Convo was particularly attractive to me as my belief is sport benefits greatly from social media.It provides fans with the opportunity to showcase their opinions and passion for the game. Also allowing me to communicate with my fans quickly and efficiently, which is important as a professional cricketer I am always on the go.

“Sport Convo stood out for me and delivers all of this and beyond and that’s why I opted to back this business venture. As you may know I’m a Real Madrid fan and its good to be working with Gareth Bale now on Sport Convo. There is a lot of mutual respect between us and I’m glad to have him on board,” said Kohli.

Vishal Patel, CEO and co-founder said:”Everyone involved in the business are sports fans. We have built and will continue to build a platform where sports fans can consume sport content and interact with content and fellow fans in a highly unique way.

“And we hope to become a place where all sports fans come to consume all things sport. We as a start-up are extremely

lucky to have two amazing backers. I can reveal at this stage we are now also in discussions with other personalities ,

both within the sport and in other industries so watch this space.”