Gardner killed after throat slit at Delhi Police HQ

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 50-year-old gardener working at the lawns of the Delhi Police headquarter here died after his throat was allegedly slit by a metallic wire which accidentally got stuck in a blade of the lawn mower vehicle on which he was seated.

The incident happened around 0800 hours yesterday when officials deployed outside the police headquarters’ building saw the gardener, identified as Afsar, collapse and rushed to his help assuming that he had had a heat stroke, a police official said today.

While Afsar, a native of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, was being put on a stretcher, the officials saw blood ozzing out of his neck. He was rushed to a hosiptal where doctors declared him brought dead, the official said.

During investigation, it emerged that a metallic wire had stuck on a blade of the lawn mowing vehicle and Afsar’s throat was slit by the wire. He did not come into contact with the rotating blade directly.

A case has been registered in connection with the matter and Afsar’s relatives have been informed, the official added.