Garbage piles up as East Delhi sanitation workers continue strike

New Delhi: Residents in East Delhi have been dealing with piles of garbage strewn around on roads as East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) sanitation workers continued with their strike over non-payment of their dues on Friday.

Complaining of inconvenience caused due to the piling up of garbage, a local resident told ANI, “There are piles of garbage everywhere. Diseases are spreading. When we go to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials, they say they are on strike as they are not getting their salaries.”

Expressing concern, another resident said that people will soon start falling ill if the situation remains the same. “If it remains like this then people will soon start falling ill. MCD needs to understand the situation and take the garbage away. The government should intervene to resolve the problem.”

The sanitation workers have been on a strike since past few days. On Thursday, they also staged a protest near the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Taking note of this matter, Kejriwal tweeted holding the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) responsible for the situation. He said that the BJP has “misled” the sanitation workers. “I am going to talk to them and present facts before them. I am worried about them. They have to protest every two months to get their salaries,” he tweeted.