Gangster Nayeem’s sister in 7-day police custody

Hyderabad: A burned body was found in Shahpur village of Shamsabad on February 2013 which was identified as the body of Vijay Kumar alias Nadeem. The details were revealed after the arrest of Nayeem’s friends and relatives. It is said that husband of Nayeem’s sister Vijay Kumar alias Nadeem wanted to leave the gang and lead a simple life. He informed his wife about the plan and also revealed his decision to reveal the facts before police. After which Nayeem and his sister Saleema hatched a plan and killed him on February 2013 at Gagan Pahad later they burned the body to wipe off the evidences. As the murder was exposed during SIT enquiry, Shamsabad police arrested Saleema and Farhana and remanded them into 7 day police custody.

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