Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb: Temple serving Iftar Dates to 5 Mosques in Hyderabad

City has always stood up for communal harmony, though there are miscreants who wanted to divide people on communal ground.

Notwithstanding criticism from some quarters, a Temple in Karwan supplies dates to five Mosques in the holy month of Ramadan on every Friday.

According to sources Mallana Temple in Karwan have been supplying dates in the month of Ramadan to the 5 area Masjids for Iftar since three years.

The tradition started three years ago in a bid to build communal harmony between the two communities. Karwan considered to be a highly sensitive area and has witnessed communal clashes between the two communities in the past.

When speak to S. Shanker Yadav, chairman of the Mallanna Temple Committee at Tallagadda in Karwan explains “There was a strong need felt to ease the tension between the two communities,but due to some reasons it never happened.

Finally,I thought that as Friday is a very important day for Muslims, supplying dates to the masjid on Friday would help.” And it did. Since then we are supplying dates to Mosques.

Expressing his feelings Yadav said, “I have found immense pleasure and satisfaction after taking up this project. “The Maulanas of the masjids too accepted our proposal as even they are keen to develop communal harmony”, Yadav added.

Incharge of a masjid committee said, “Given the history of sensitivity, we thought this would a good initiative and we had accepted the idea. It is important to live peacefully and we must not ger divided on the basis of religion, Maulana added. ”