Gandhi respected faiths while Modi targets different faiths; Congress attacks PM

New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi experimented with truth while Modi experiments with lies, Congress senior Kapil Sabil said on Wednesday.

Launching a scathing attack on Modi, Sibal tweeted that saffron party’s culture is an antithesis of Gandhian thought, TN reports.

Recalling how Mahatma Gandhi led a simple life despite being the father of the nation, he said PM wears a suit with his name on it.

Mahatma Gandhi respected faiths while Modi targets different faiths, PM continues to tolerate violence, Gandhi had renounced violence but Modi tolerates violence, he said.

Sibel criticized Modi for wearing the monogrammed suit during his meeting with US President Barack Obama.

Later the monogrammed suit got auctioned for Rs 4.31 crore to a Surat diamond baron.

Meanwhile, Congress supremo Rahul speaking in this rally in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad on Tuesday accused the PM of “trying to divide the people and playing with their emotions for political gains”.

“We will not allow PM to once again mislead, befool people,” he said then.

The saffron party is an antithesis of Gandhi thought and is dividing people into two parts where one belongs to the ‘suit-boot’, where they get all the benefits and the other for farmers, labourers, youth who get Demonetisation and Gabbar Singh Tax.