‘Gandhi Memorabilia’ teaser launched takes social media by storm

New Delhi: The much-awaited teaser of film ‘Gandhi Memorabilia’ highlighting the relevance and the impact of the Father of the Nation in present society was launched on Wednesday amid huge fanfare.

The teaser was launched across several social media platforms Facebook, Youtube and Instagram by the producers and it started trending within hours of its release.

The teaser was liked by many and has received more than 1,00,000 views on Youtube so far. And In Instagram It Hits 6,176,270 View https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh h9EkiFQUs/

Speaking at the launch of the teaser, producers of the film ‘Gandhi Memorabilia’ Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh and Aaditya Pratap Singh said, “Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings hold relevance in the modern society and prove his importance even today.”

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, who is the writer and director of the film said, “Gandhi Memorabilia isn’t just a documentary, it is a biopic of the great man. This film is aimed at showing the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and also highlights how relevant his teachings are even today and how they impact the society till date.”

Actress Daria Kosheleva is in the main lead in the film. She is essaying the role of a lady who becomes a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi after some major life-changing incidents in her life. She willingly accepts the ideas and principles of the great man and spends rest of her life in India considering it as her home.

Mahatma Gandhi was himself always opposed to cinemas, but he has always been the favourite subject of the filmmakers not just in India, but even in the West. Several movies based on Gandhi’s life or his preachings have been produced and widely appreciated by the audiences with open hands.

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh also holding many national and international records. (ANI)