Gandhi Hospital Interns land in TikTok trouble

Hyderabad: Two Physiotherapy interns at Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad got their apprenticeship cancelled after posting a video that went viral on the video-sharing platform ‘TikTok’. In the video, interns were seen dancing and acting on Telugu romantic songs and dialogues.

“Internees, Shyam Milton of Sadhana college and Veena of Zen College were being trained in the Physiotherapy Department at Gandhi Hospital posted a TikTok video. Although, they removed the video soon after they uploaded it, by that time video was viral on other social media platforms like Whatsapp,” said Resident Medical Officer of Gandhi Hospital.

The hospital officials also said that no doctors or medical students from Gandhi Medical College were involved in the act. The internees shot the Tik Tok video while they were inside the department Physiotherapy Department and posted it. Taking a serious note of this, Gandhi Hospital Superintendent Dr Sravan Kumar, cancelled their apprenticeship.

This is not the first incident, earlier this month, eleven outsourced employees at the Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC) recorded the videos using TikTok app and uploaded it on TikTok later as a punishment, the employees were transferred and also their wages were reduced.

This is the third time in a month that a TikTok video stirred controversy in the Telangana state. A former incident this month involving Telangana Home Minister’s Mahmood Ali’s grandson Furqan Ahmed sparked a major controversy after he posted a video on TikTok while sitting on the bonnet of a police car in Hyderabad.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain