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Game of Thrones Se7, Ep4 leakers arrested

Game of Thrones Se7, Ep4 leakers arrested

New Delhi: Four leakers, who were behind the airing of season 7 episode 4 of Game of Thrones TV Show earlier this month, have got arrested, Star India said late on Monday.

The individuals are associated with the said vendor – Prime Focus Technologies. Star India, which is a distribution partner of HBO for Game of Thrones and several other TV shows of the network, stressed that it was the first time that an incident of this nature occurred at the company, reports NDTV.

“We are delighted with the speed and rigour with which the Office of the Special Inspector General of Police Mr Brijesh Singh (Cyber), Government of Maharashtra and office of DCP Cyber Cell, Mumbai have moved on this investigation,” the company said in a statement.

Season 7 episode 4 of Game of Thrones was aired by leakers on August 4, two days ahead of its scheduled airing in the United States and in India. The show is also available in India via Hotstar, a Star India-owned streaming service.

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“We are deeply grateful to the police for their swift and prompt action. We believe that valuable intellectual property is a critical part of the development of the creative industry and strict enforcement of the law is essential to protect it,” the company’s statement added.

Officers of the Cyber & PAW, Government of Maharashtra, conducted a preliminary enquiry and on the basis of the electronic trail and other technical material, identified the four individuals at Prime Focus Technologies as the culprit, the statement said.

Prime Focus Technologies, which helps clients drive “creative enablement, enhance ecosystem efficiencies and sustainability, reduce cost and realize new monetization opportunities,” works with major media companies including Disney, Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox-owned Star TV, Hotstar and The Associated Press, the list goes on, according to description on its LinkedIn page.