Gajadi village in Gujarat boycotted today’s election for BiPaSa

Gujarat: In Gujarat’s Morbi district, a village called Gajadi boycotted today’s election i.e. phase-1 of Gujarat Assembly polls.

The reason for not casting their votes is BiPaSa (bijli, sadak, paani) (electricity, roads, water).

There are a total of 1065 registered voters, 506 of whom are women. They say that “Suvidha nahi toh vote nahi,” (no votes if we don’t get services).

Another villager challenged politicians to come to their village and show what “vikas” has happened there.

Voters in Gajadi are not only upset over the lack of basic amenities but also because, they claim, nobody either from the Congress or the Bharatiya Janata Party visited the village to listen to their problems.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were malfunctioning. But the Election commission said that there was no need to worry and the time for polling has been extended till 10 pm at night at certain polling booths.