Gadkari criticises ‘opposition’ for politicizing land acquisition issue

Nagpur: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to not re-promulgate the land ordinance act and criticised the opposition for politicizing the issue.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that the ordinance will lapse this month and the government will not introduce it again…The Prime Minister had time and again said that we are ready for discussions on the ordinance and also that we will consider any suggestions by the opposition. Some parties have constantly tried to politicize this issue. BJP will remain committed to the development of the nation,” Gadkari told media here.

Gadkari further lashed out at the opposition parties for provoking the farmers against the land acquisition ordinance.

“For the development of the nation and for the benefit of the farmers, we had proposed some amendments in the Land Acquisition Act. Parliament had passed it, but to hinder the development of the nation some parties had opposed it in the Rajya Sabha. Some leaders and parties also tried to provoke the farmers against it,” he said.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had earlier in the day said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to not re-promulgate the land ordinance had been taken so that the farmers would not have to face heavy financial losses.

The Centre had earlier issued an order to include 13 Central acts like the National Highway and Railways Acts in the Land Law to extend benefits to those whose land is acquired.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 11th address to the nation ‘ Mann Ki Baat’ today said that the Ordinance will not be renewed.

“I have decided. The ordinance lapses tomorrow and we will not renew it. It means the situation (Land Act of 2013) before my government taking over has been restored,” Modi said.