Gadgets to gift for your child this festive season

New Delhi [India]: With the onset of the festive season, begins the exchange of interesting gifts. People start looking for gifting options to make the festival worth remembering for their loved ones.

Parents buy interesting games, beautiful clothes, gadgets for their little ones. How good it would be if these gifts can help increase their interest in learning.

This festive season gift your child a gadget which helps them learn better and enjoy the same way they enjoy playing games. Below are a few gadgets to choose from for your tech-savvy child!

CG Slate- Make learning fun with this hi-tech tablet! Make them learn like they are playing, with all content in the form of games, this makes for a perfect learning device!

CG Slate is a complete, low-cost, premium educational tablet for children between the ages 3 and 12 years. The crux of the product is captured in these three words ‘Learn, Play, Shop’, and these are represented by the three available zones on CG Slate, the Learn Zone, the Play Zone, and the Shop Zone. It is not a game-based platform. It is instead a gamified platform.

Price of the product- Rs. 8499/-

Kindle- For the tech savvy kids who do not want to read books, parents can gift them a Kindle, with the option to download e-books & read them online. Kindle features a paper-like display and can hold thousands of books within. Thanks to its built-in tools such as the ‘Smart lookup’, kids don’t have to keep a dictionary handy. What’s more, the Kindle also comes with a Vocabulary Builder that creates a repository of your newly learned words.

Price of the product- Around Rs. 5000/-

KUBE is India’s first 3D educational gamebox for children in the age group between 3 to 12 years. KUBE builds scholastic and co – scholastic skills of a child through Brain Training and is powered by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D,Gamification, Brain Booster series and Skill reports. The product works on building 20 different skill-sets of the child such as logic, creative thinking, curiosity, concentration, imagination, analysis, fine motor skills to name a few. The product helps develop 6 distinctfacets of growth and exploration amongst children including intelligence, holistic development, new ways of thinking, logical thinking, language proficiency and creativity enhancement. KUBE is available in 8 unique themes, with 4 more to be launched soon.

Price of the product: Rs. 2,499/-

Gaming Console- Scientific studies have revealed that playing video games lead to faster learning and better management skills. Playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games enhances situation awareness and accuracy. Kids learn to approach a problem from a different perspective. Video games are actually beneficial for kids. You can buy the last generation console for Rs 13,000 whereas the latest ones would set you back for around Rs 30,000. And adding to that is additional cost for game titles. (ANI)