Gaddar launches ‘Jai Samajika Telangana’ movement

Toopran: Balladeer Gaddar today launched ‘Jai Samajika Telangana’ movement from his birth place Toopran.
Speaking on the occasion, Gaddar said the TRS government has to initiate steps to reach the social justice to all sections of the people in Telangana state. He said that he would wage movement with the slogan of ‘Palle Palleku Paata…Parliamentku Baata’ till the government schemes reaches to bottom level people. He lamented that the people were not happy in the Telangana state, which was being achieved by waging fighting.
He said that he would make the ‘Jai Samajika Telangana’ a success along with all sections of the people. He said that the government was spending crores of rupees on education and health but they were not reaching to the people. The ‘Jai Samajika Telangana’ movement would mount pressure on the government to concentrate on education and health to extend effective services to the people. He demanded the state government to recognize the rural journalists, who worked actively in Telangana movement, as government employees. (NSS)