Gaddafi’s daughter takes over his fight

Tripoli, December 01: Aisha Gaddafi, daughter of slain dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi urged Libyans to overthrow the new government and revolt against them.

Fourty days after he father’s death, Aisha Gaddafi in an audio message called for a fight against the rule that “arrived with the planes of NATO.”

Aisha along with her mother and two brothers took refuge in Algeria following the fall of Tripoli.

Aisha’s appeal to wage a war against the new Libyan government puts her in a conflict with the Algerian officials, who the Gaddafi’s had promised not to make any public statements that could pose threat to their status and lead to losing as humanitarian refugees.

She was warned by officials that she could be expelled after similar statement in Sep.

Gaddafi was killed near his hometown in Sirte by NATO. His son and Defence Minister were also killed in the fight. All three were buried on Tuesday, Oct 25 in an undisclosed location in the Libyan desert.