FY10 fiscal deficit down to 6.61pc

New Delhi, May 31: The government contained its fiscal deficit, the gap between overall expenditure and receipts, at 6.61 per cent of GDP during 2009-10 against 6.7 per cent estimated at the time of presenting budget 2010.

The deficit finally stood at Rs 4,12,307 crore at the end of FY10, constituting 6.61 per cent of GDP at Rs 62,31,171 crore, the official figures released today showed.

At the time of the presentation of budget 2010, GDP was estimated at a lower level of Rs 61,64,178 crore, and the fiscal deficit was pegged at a higher 6.7 per cent.

If the GDP figures, released today, are taken into account, the figures at the time of budget 2010 would have shown fiscal deficit at 6.64 per cent. So, the containment of fiscal deficit is not as high and just 0.