Furious mother kills daughter for disobeying

Hyderabad: In an eye-opening incident where a mother’s rage amounted to her daughter’s death has been reported in Balapur village. A mother is a symbol of love but the incident tells a life giver can also turn to a killer.

Police has lodged a case of culpable homicide which in layman’s term is an injury which resulted in the death against a mother of five children.

27-yr-old Farzana Azam in her rage banged her 8-yr-old daughter’s head against the wall causing her severe head injuries which lead to her death.

According to the Police Farzana had three kids from her former husband Yousuf Patel and Firdouse Fatima was her first daughter.

She remarried a painter named Azam with whom she had two kids and the five kids along with them lived in Shaheen nagar in Balapur village.

Farzana used to beat her eldest daughter frequently for not obeying her but the situation turned worst for the past two months. On Tuesday, the child was banged against the wall when her mother could not control her rage over Firdouz’s disobedience.
On hitting the wall she fell unconscious and was brought dead at the hospital.
S Mohan Reddy, Balapur Inspector said, “They rushed the child to Barkas hospital, but doctors at the facility declared her brought dead. The child had sustained severe injury on the head and multiple injuries on other parts of her body”, sources reported.