Furious Democrats brand Comey’s firing as ‘Nixonian’

New York: Democrats who had earlier blamed ex-FBI Director Comey’s actions for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 Presidential election, are furious over his firing and have termed Comey’s dismissal as “Nixonian.”

Questioning the timing of Comey’s dismissal, Democrats warned of a possible impending constitutional crisis arising out of his sudden dismissal as that amounts to dictatorial tendencies of the President.

Senator Bob Casey said “This is Nixonian,” recalling President Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre” in 1973, in which Nixon forced the firing of the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate campaign scandal.

Historical analogies are being referred while comparing Trump’s decisions and actions. Trump’s firing of FBI chief “is a very Nixonian move,” said John Dean, the White House counsel under Nixon.

John further added, “This could have been a quiet resignation, but instead it was an angry dismissal.”

In an interview earlier this month, Clinton attributed her 2016 election loss to the release of campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, which were allegedly stolen by Russian hackers and Comey’s Oct. 28 letter to the Congress that he had reopened the bureau’s investigation into her use of a private email server.

On November 6th, two days before the election, Comey wrote again to the Congress saying that the FBI had found no evidence to change its conclusion that Clinton should not face criminal charges. (ANI)