Fuel prices witness marginal rise in Delhi, Mumbai

New Delhi/Mumbai: Fuel prices witnessed a marginal rise on Friday.

Petrol price in New Delhi saw an increase of 08 paise and is now retailing at Rs 70.55 per litre, while the price of diesel was hiked by 19 paise to be sold at Rs 64.97 per litre.

Meanwhile, petrol prices in Mumbai saw an increase of 07 paise to be sold at Rs 76.18 per litre, while diesel is being sold 20 paise higher at Rs 68.02 per litre.

On Thursday, petrol and diesel were retailing at Rs 70.47 and Rs 64.78 per litre, respectively, in Delhi, while in Mumbai, a litre of petrol costed Rs. 76.11 per litre after an increase of 14 paise. On the other hand, diesel witnessed a rise in price by 20 paise in Mumbai and was sold at Rs 67.82 per litre.

The rise in prices comes amidst the revision of global crude oil prices owing to a possible stifling of supply in the near future.