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FTII row: 20 students detained by Pune Police

FTII row: 20 students detained by Pune Police

Pune: The police detained around 20 students, who were staging a protest against Film and Television Institute (FTII) chairman Gajendra Chauhan, outside the institute’s campus here on Thursday.

The students have been opposing the appointment of Chauhan and four others to the governing council of FTII, branding them propagandists of the ruling BJP Government at the Centre.

The students had blocked the entrance of the institute to prevent Chauhan from entering the campus.

“Peaceful protest if fine, but they should not block the entrance. If they do not clear the way then we will have to detain them,” said a police official.

“See this, this is brutality. You can see how the police is behaving with the students,” said one of the protestors.

The students had in October last year called off their protest, but said that they would continue to oppose Chauhan in a silent manner. (ANI)