Frustrated woman arrested for stripping off her skirt at Stansted Airport

London: Eimear Ni Ghiallgairrh, 29, of Huntingdon, Cambs, an architect who has spent £240 on a Ryanair ticket to Barcelona so she could attend a job interview was arrested by two officers as she was so frustrated with delays at airport security that she began to take off her clothes.

She had taken off her skirt and had been standing in customs at Stansted Airport, wearing only black tights.

Eimear spent 12 hours in a cell where there were no windows and no air. She
was fined £150 after admitting two offences and also suffered a fracture of the bone while she was arrested.

Karen Phillips, prosecuting, told magistrates that. “Ghiallgairrh was “frustrated” because she was running late for a flight to Barcelona”, she added. “She refused to be searched, became heated, got agitated and removed her skirt, standing in her tights. She also banged on the desk angrily.”

Sarah Steggles, Eimear’s own lawyer told the court that.”She found the whole experience quite distressing after she was late for her flight. Her behaviour was exuberant, calling attention to herself in a security search.”

The hearing was told that she lost control while trying to get through security at Stansted Airport in Essex on January 21 and pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and criminal damage.

She was fined £80 with £20 victim surcharge and £50 costs.

Eimear yesterday criticised the decision to arrest her saying: “I feel victimised, demonised, absolutely depressed.

“This is police brutality. I feel completely abused by the police.”

She added. “When I got into the queue it didn’t move for 40 minutes.There was only one lane open and people were becoming increasingly agitated.

“I was standing and waiting to be searched by staff before being told that I was considered dangerous and may be concealing something about my person.

“I was becoming increasingly frustrated and as I was wearing leggings, lowered my skirt to show this was not the case.”

She also said that a police officer who approached her and threatened to arrest her aggressively handcuffed her and shouted “SECTION 4″. He lifted her hand up by breaking her thumb.

She said.”I was told I was resisting arrest because I wasn’t walking. The truth was that my feet weren’t able to reach the ground and they were further aggravating the break.”

Eimear added: “I can’t go back to Ireland because you can’t get a job with a criminal record in Ireland.

“I want to move abroad and start working in architecture but I can’t because I don’t have the money to do it”.

She said.”I spent seven years at university studying hard and it’s all gone to waste now.This whole thing has ruined my life.”