Status of Fruits and vegetables in Hyderabad

The fruits and vegetable crops are affecting the health of people in Hyderabad, as the unchecked use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides continue to be in use in great amount. Hyderabad is a mega city with a population of over 10-million plus and bulk of the vegetables and fruits produced in Telugu states make their way to the city market

24% of India’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used by the Farmers in Telangana and AP alone. The Pesticide residue, in particular, the organochlorine and organophosphorus are extremely harmful to people, particularly children as they are in growing stage of life and needs proper nutrients.

Several studies conducted by researchers in Hyderabad of pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables, A study by BITS Pilani Hyderabad revealed the use of harmful chemical morpholine for glazing fruits and many fruits and vegetables are of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, which is more than the maximum permitted level for humans.

And moreover, Fruits and vegetables which are grown in Hyderabad by utilising the water of the polluted Musi River are doubly contaminated – chemical pesticides from spraying and harmful pollutants from the river water. The government should take up an awareness campaign and discourage farmers from using chemical pesticides and fertilisers to protect the health of millions of people in Hyderabad.