UP: Fringe groups spread fake communal statements targeting Kairana MP Tabassum Hasan

The recent impressive victory of Begum Tabbasum Hasan who contested for Rashtriya Lok Dal from UP’s Kairana could not be digested by the fringe groups who alleged she made communal statements which spread like wildfire on social media.

Various pro-BJP pages on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp posted fake alleged statements from Hasan. A page by the name Yogi Adityanath- True Indian on Facebook posted a quote alleging Hasan has said “ये अल्लाह की जीत है और राम की हार” (This is the victory of Allah and defeat of Ram- translated), after winning in the recent UP By-poll which was surprisingly shared for more than 3700 times as soon as it was posted on 1st June.

It surely is of no surprise that such communal fake statements spread like fire on social media and hate mongers successfully manipulate people.

Another page which goes by the name Kamal Tyagi BJP has shared the same post on its page which was shared for nearly 1000 times.

And if that was not it, another version of the quote allegedly told by Hasan, “ये इस्लाम की जीत है और हिन्दुओ की हार है” (This is the victory of Islam and defeat of Hindus- translated) is also widely circulated on social media.

This another version of quote surprisingly got shared as many as 24000 times after a page named We support Yogi Adityanath shared it on 1st June on their Facebook page. The page has as many as 1 million users. The same quote is a massive viral hit on WhatsApp as well which has reportedly have been shared in Hundreds of group.

When the alleged quote was shared for so many number of times on Facebook and WhatsApp, how could the hate mongers keep there hands off from Twitter.
The quote was also widely shared on Twitter where atlest three people followed by PM Narendra Modi has also tweeted it.

When News source Alt News contacted Tabassum Hasan for a clarification on the viral statements allegedly made by her, Tabassum Hasan replied she has not made any such statement.

She said, “हम तो सब धर्मों का सम्मान करते हैं, हमारा ऐसा कुछ अलग नहीं है। हमेशा जो है हम ये चाहते हैं कि भाई सब इंसानियत में रहे हर इंसान एक-दूसरे से प्यार मोहब्बत से रहे। इनलोगों को जब कोई रास्ता नहीं मिला तो ये फेक मेसेज चला चला के 2019 के लिए रास्ता बनाना चाहते हैं। आपको कहीं से पता चले अगर जिसने यह सब किया है तो मुझे भी जरूर इन्फॉर्म करियेगा। हम ऐसे लोग नहीं है ना हमने ऐसा कुछ कहा है कभी। अल्लाह और राम में फर्क ही क्या है, मानने वालों की बात है आस्था की बात है जो मानता है दिल से मानता है। दिल से मानने की बात है।” (We respect all religions, ours is no different. What we always want is that everyone live with humanity and live in love with each other. When these people do not find any other way they have spread this fake quote with an eye on 2019. Kindly inform me if you find out who has done this. I am not such a person, nor have I said anything like this. What is the difference between Allah and Ram. It is about personal faith- translated)

According to Alt News, BJP had previously on numerous times attempted to disturb the communal harmony among the communities with fringe groups supporting BJP have made several attempts of the same.

As the Party has poorly performed in the recent Bypolls, this circulation of fake news has sprung into action striking exactly at the right moment to gain sympathy from its party followers.

This phenomenon of circulating fake news is a strategy to gain sympathy from the followers and spread communal hatred among communities when at the event of electoral failure predict sources.

While many users also took a stand against the fake news spread on social media.

Here a few users who raised their voice against it:

Another Tweet from Dhruv rathee on Twitter also displays the vote share of BJP party in 2014 and 2018.