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Friday 16th of July, the Sun will be directly overhead Kaaba

Friday 16th of July, the Sun will be directly overhead Kaaba

JEDDAH: The Astronomical Society of Jeddah said. The sun will be right above the Holy Kaaba on Friday 16th July, for the second and the last time this year at 12:27 p.m. (local time) after Azan of Dhuhr prayer. This rare moment is stirring.

This is the opportunity for everyone to confirm or correct the direction for each prayer which is known as qibla.

Majid Abu Zahir, president of the society said.”The sun will be in the middle from where it comes down for dusk. It will be overhead of the Kaaba at the time its shadow disappears”.

He added that “this will happen when the sun apparently returns from the tropic of cancer heading toward south on the equator”.

He said. “This astronomical situation helps in implementation of determination of the direction of Qibla for those who live in geographically farther areas from Makkah in Arab and Islamic countries, as well as all the regions where the sun is on the horizon at that time”.

“This can be done by monitoring the shadow of a piece of wood or plastic fixed vertically on the earth, so that the direction of Qibla will be on the opposite side of the shadow”.

Earlier in May, the sun was overhead the Kaaba for the first time this year. This event takes place twice a year.
Both Dates to remind are May 28th and July 16th of each year.On these dates, the Sun is actually above Mecca, and more precisely above the Kaaba.