Frequent adjournment of cases in courts a matter of concern: President Ram Nath Kovind

New Delhi: Expressing concern over frequent adjournment of cases in courts besides disruptions in Parliamentary proceedings, President Ram Nath Kovind on Monday said it is a disadvantage of poor litigants. He told this while addressing the inaugural function of ‘Constitution Day Celebrations’ held here.

Mr Kovind expressed his displeasure over the frequent disruption of proceedings in Parliament. He also showed concern over the miseries of poor litigants who have to suffer due to the adjournment of cases in courts.

President Kovind is quoted to have said, “Disruptions in parliamentary proceedings are an unfortunate occurrence. Some have suggested that these too be seen as encroachment on the citizen’s understanding of justice,” he said. “Similarly, when the judiciary tries to find solutions to frequent adjournments, simply to delay cases and inconvenience the less-well-off litigant, it enhances the quality of justice.”

President said that the Constitution formalised the segregation of powers between the judiciary, the executive and the legislature and has given all three pillars the legitimate rules and responsibilities to uphold the Constitution.